The Notary Public Administrators (NPA) Section, a staff section of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS), is a national organization of persons in government and the private sector with professional interests and responsibilities in notary law and the commissioning and administration of notaries.
Our primary goals are:
• Improve the function of Notary Public Administrator offices through peer-to-peer collaboration, exchange of ideas and practices, and sharing of infor mational tools and resources; and
• Advance the office of notary public through education and promotion of best practices.
• The NPA Section's 2018 Membership Renewal and Recruitment Drive is underway! Learn why it's important for your state's notary public office to join your colleagues in the NPA Section.
Special Meeting of the NPA Section - February 17, 2018, Washington DC
For NPA members attending the NASS Winter Conference (February 16-19) in Washington, DC. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss current issues, future projects, and creating value for NPA Section members. A special day-and-a-half registration rate is available for NPA members (includes the NPA Section meeting on February 17, and both the Remote Electronic Notarization Task Force meeting and NASS Business Services meeting on February 18).
» Click here to register for NPA/Remote Notarization if you are a state government member ($200).
» Click here to register for NPA/Remote Notarization if you are a private sector member ($400).
Electronic Notarization Adoption Advances With Arkansas' First "e-Closing"
On December 18, 2017, Waco Title Company facilitated Arkansas's first, 100% electronic home loan closing. It was the first e-notary closing to occur under Arkansas's Electronic Notary Public Act (Act 306). Waco Title Company, with 21 offices in Arkansas and Missouri, reports an average of 1,200 residential closings each month. Thirty of its employees have obtained an e-notary commission.
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NASS Remote Electronic Notarization Task Force to Meet During 2018 NASS Winter Conference
Co-Chairs: The Honorable Alison Lundergan-Grimes (Secretary of State, Kentucky); The Honorable Mark Martin (Secretary of State Arkansas) The Task Force will resume drafting of standards for performance of remote, electronic notarial acts. These standards are informed by guiding principles that were composed by the NPA Section, at the direction of the Task Force. NASS' standards for remote, electronic notarization will be incorporated into its existing National Electronic Notarization Standards.
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